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John Maxoutopoulis

House Tips for First-Time Homeowners

Buying your first home is a thrill. Real estate builds value, which translates into wealth for your family. However, you must take care of every detail around the house unlike when you lived in a rental. Explore these house tips for first-time home owners so that you're prepared for nearly anything that arises.

Keep up With HVAC-Filter Care

You might use the furnace or air conditioner on a regular basis. Keeping the interior at a comfortable temperature is part of enjoying the property. Every homeowner should know that the filter for these systems must be serviced on a regular basis.

The filter is easily accessed on the front side of the interior unit. Pull it out once a month. If it's extremely dirty, replace it. The filter keeps your system running without failure for many years. Leave a dirty filter in the system for too long, and the components will wear down.

Be Aware of Water Leaks

Water leaks from any part of your plumbing can create an emergency situation in minutes for first-time home owners. On a frequent basis, take a look under your sinks for any puddles. Explore the yard for pooled water that's not from local rains. Check under your hot-water heater for leaks too. Catching these problems before they burst will protect your home from serious damages.

Know Where Shut-Off Valves are Located

Emergencies can happen during any season. If you ever have a natural-gas or water emergency, knowing where the shut-off valves are located is critical knowledge.

From the moment that you move into your home, take a look at the valves. Be aware of how they function. Teach other people in the household about their use. Gas and water leaks can create major problems in a home so shutting them off averts serious consequences.

Get Familiar With Your Electrical Panel

Your electrical panel should be easy to access. Take a look at it now. It may have some labels on each breaker to help you with wiring configurations. However, these labels may not be correct. Ideally, test the breakers and label them with your descriptions.

If a particular breaker continues to trip as you go about your daily routine, there may be an issue with that circuit. You can slowly improve the electrical system so that it's safer and easier to use than ever before.

Save up Funds for a Rainy Day

There will always be something to fix in the house. Some repairs are more expensive than others. Create a savings account that's dedicated to home maintenance. When an issue does arise, you'll have all or part of the funds to cover the repair. From roof repairs to new carpet, systematic care of the house will protect its value over time.

There are many other details to take care of so simply stay observant around your property. If you see declining materials, research the cause and possible solutions. By taking care of items before they actually break down, you'll save money and keep the property looking spectacular for years.

John Maxoutopoulis

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