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John Maxoutopoulis

From Spring to Summer: Home Maintenance

Finally, the cold winter weather is leaving and in comes beautiful and warm spring weather. This new rebirth of everything in your yard like flowers, grass and trees makes you want to spend time outdoors but before you kick back and relax there is some spring to summer home maintenance that needs to be done in order to pick back up after a long winter and ensure that your home is in good shape while the weather is nice.

Inspect The Outside Of Your Home

If you get some breaks in the cold weather during the winter you should periodically take a quick walk around your home and inspect for any damage. This is especially true if you have just had some harsh weather. However, if you haven’t gotten an opportunity to do so all winter long, give the exterior of your home a nice long inspection. You are going to want to look for missing shingles on the roof, a damaged chimney, damaged siding, fallen tree limbs, clogged gutters and so on. Also pay attention to the actual structure and foundation of your home. Look for any new cracks that could compromise the integrity of your home.

Clean Your Windows

With warmer temperatures you will want to start opening your windows and let that fresh air inside. Before you do so, give your windows a good cleaning both inside and out. Use window cleaner to clean the glass panes of the window but also pay attention to the tracks of the window frame. This area can get very dirty and if you leave your windows open without cleaning this up, you will allow this dirt to blow right inside of your home.

Interior Cleaning

This is a great time of year to air out and clean certain areas of your home that don’t normally get a lot of attention. This can equate to wiping down your baseboards, dusting the tops of ceiling fans, vacuum under furniture and vacuum your mattresses. As you are getting your cleaning done, keep an eye out for anything that needs to be repaired or maintained.

Air Conditioning Service

Before you turn you air conditioner on for the first time you should schedule a routine maintenance appointment with a local HVAC company. This will ensure that your unit is in working order, you have a clean filter installed and your unit doesn’t have any signs of damage or wear like frayed wires and such. This will help you feel comfortable knowing that your air conditioner will keep you cool all summer long.

During your spring to summer maintenance if you have found any substantial damage such as mold damage, water damage or anything else, contact a professional to help assist you with the cleanup and rebuilding efforts needed. This will ensure the job gets done right the first time and your home will be protected from future issues. Owning a home is a big investment and you owe it to yourself to protect that investment.

John Maxoutopoulis

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