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John Maxoutopoulis

Indoor Mold Prevention

Nothing strikes fear faster into the homeowner’s heart than the words, “you have mold.” Not only does mold affect your family's health and well-being, but once it is in the house, it is very hard to completely eradicate it. Being able to prevent mold from entering the premises is the best solution, but how can it be don

Identify Problem Areas

The one thing mold loves the most is moisture. If you have a wet spot from a leaky roof or flooded basement, then mold is most certainly going to take hold there. Basements, attics, loose siding, anywhere that moisture can get in and settle is a problem area that needs to be looked at.

Take Care of Water Damage

If your house was flooded from a natural disaster or your washing machine broke down and flooded the basement, there is a high probability of water damage. The first thing to do in the case of water damage is to mop up standing water and dry it out as best as possible. Then you will be able to assess the damage. While you could fix it yourself, it's sometimes best to call in a restoration team that will make sure all the damage has been repaired.

Check Humidity Levels in the House

Humidity is another aspect of mold growth. If you live in a region with high humidity, you know how it can affect the air quality of your house. The EPA suggests humidity levels stay between 30-60%. Problem areas are easy to spot if there is condensation on the windows or walls.

You can remedy these problems by providing open ventilation in your house and running a dehumidifier in problem areas. Keeping your home a consistent temperature of below 70 degrees Fahrenheit will prevent mold from growing as well.

Don't Forget Outdoor House Maintenance!

Getting in the habit of outdoor house maintenance will go a long way in diverting water from the house. Spring and summer are the best times to start up outdoor projects such as inspecting the outside of the house for any problems, AC servicing, and cleaning up. Don't forget to routinely check and clean out the gutters. Debris built up will block up the gutter and cause rainwater to go divert into instead of away from the house.


The thought of finding mold in our homes is a distressing one, especially when the treatment can be expensive. Outdoor house maintenance, identifying problem areas, immediately fixing any water damage, and keeping humidity levels consistent are just a few ways to make sure mold never comes calling. In this case, prevention is certainly best curative.

John Maxoutopoulis

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